Will be updated soon (6/25/05)

Citizens for Constitutional Government

Be a true Patriot, start a group in your area and think like-mindely for a peaceful form of government.  All classes are free, yet they are invaluable.  Learn about the U.S. Constitution, your State Constitution and local governments, so that when our rights are infringed upon, we can protect and defend them with authority.

Bridport, Vermont state:
every Thurday evening, 7:00 at the Bridport Central School

Middlebury, Vermont state:  every first Wednesday of the Month, 7:00 at the Ilsley Library

White River Junction, Vermont state:

Montpelier, Vermont state:  (to being arranged)

Fort Henry, New York state: every Tuesday evening 7-10, at the Annex Building of the Wasshing County Office Buildings in Fort Henry, New York

Any questions or comments, please e-mail: happy@lawofpeace.org